1. The Rally fees for 2018 will be Admin £1.50 + £1.00 Rally fee making a total of £2.50 plus VAT (As agreed at 2017 AGM)
  2. There will be a charge of 50p for Rally plaques Unless otherwise stated
  3. Rallies will commence at 4pm on Fridays and extend to Sunday pm
  4. Rally booking slips must be received 10 days prior to the Rally
  5. A deposit of £2.00 must be included with booking slips and is non refundable This amount will be deducted from the cost of the Rally on arrival. To simplify methods of payment of deposits, £2.00 vouchers are available from Centre Officers and Committee. If you wish to pay your deposit with a cheque then the minimum value of the cheque should be £5.00, £2.00 of this will be non refundable
  6. When booking tickets for social events, please remember that children aged 15 years old and over are classified as adults
  7. Members booking in for a Rally, particularly if a meal is included, will be held liable for expenses incurred on their behalf if they fail to attend
  8. Cheques must be made payable to “CAMC West Dorset Centre” and not to individuals
  9. Always carry levelling blocks as they may be needed also make sure you have enough calor gas !! It is worth remembering that Blue calor gas does freeze in winter and red does not
  10. Site direction signs used by the West Dorset Centre will be as follows: Orange background with black pointer marked WD
  11. Do not arrive at the Rally site before the time stated in the rally book. If you arrive early please be prepared to wait outside particularly when the rally is on school premises

If you can’t attend the rally please inform the Rally Marshal

Membership Cards

As at Club sites and certified locations, you must be prepared to present your current membership card for inspection.


It is essential that you bring your own toilet.

Disposal Points

The Caravan Club has decreed that waste water disposal filters contravene our exemption under the Water Resources Act, 1993, and therefore must not be used at rallies.

Disposal points for chemical toilets and waste water and NOTHING ELSE will be clearly marked.


If you have the slightest doubt, please ask the rally marshal.

Dry Rubbish

Members are expected to take home dry rubbish and it is not usual for Centres to provide bags for this purpose.


Ball games, cycling, kite flying and activities likely to cause damage to persons and property in or near the caravan lines is forbidden. Play areas will be provided where possible.


Musical instruments, radios, etc. must be used with discretion and must not inconvenience other people.

Generators can only be used between 9am and 6pm. All other times will be at the Rally Marshals discretion


Members MUST NOT light barbecues in awnings or too near the caravans – this is a fire hazard. HAVE YOUR FIRE EXTINGUISHER HANDY.


Dogs MUST be on a lead and under control on the rally field. The length of the lead SHOULD NOT EXCEED 3 METRES. Dogs should also be exercised around the perimeter of the rally field wherever possible and under no circumstances should they be allowed to foul the ground in the vicinity of the caravans.

Speed on the Rally Field

Do remember that there is always a 5 mph speed limit.

Tents and Awnings
Small ridge tents (sufficient to sleep 2 children) are allowed at the discretion of the rally marshal who should be asked about available space before the tent is erected. Where awnings face each other, sufficient space must be left for fire engine access.
VAT has to be added to all monetary transactions of the Centre including all social activities.